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Jaguar XX730 Krakow
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Model 1:72



Jaguar kit comparisons – 1/72 by Damien Burke

Italeri IT1357 Jaguar GR3A 1:72 XX119
Hasegawa 02008 Jaguar Black Combo 1:72 XX965, XX141
Hasegawa HA00970 Jaguar E/T4 1:72 6sq XX835, E22/7-HB
Kitech Jaguar GR1 1:72 ex Hasegawa ?
IDEA Jaguar GR1/E 1:72 ex Hasegawa
Matchbox Jaguar GR1 1:72 XX116,XX108
Italeri 1254 Jaguar E 1:72 7-PP, 7-RF
Hasegawa 198 Jaguar T2 1:72 DERA
IDEA Jaguar T2/E 1:72 ?
Heller 71253 Jaguar A 1:72 A153 7-ID
Italeri 1251 1 Jaguar T2/T4 1:72 41sq and 6sq
Hasegawa Jaguar A 1:72 EC 3/7 Languedoc spec.marking
Airfix AX03011 3 Jaguar GR3 1:72 XX752/FC, XZ392/PF, XZ386/PC
IDEA Jaguar GR1 1:72 ex Hasegawa
Hasegawa 711 Jaguar E 1:72 French Jaguar 30th ann. scheme
MPC Jaguar GR1 1:72 old Airfix
Airfix Jaguar GR1 1:72 XW560
Airfix Jaguar GR1 1:72 XW560
Airfix AX03011 1 Jaguar GR1 1:72 XX726, XX721
Airfix AX03011 2 Jaguar GR1 1:72 XX726, XX721
Frog(NOVO) Jaguar A2/T2 1:72 XX136
Ariex Jaguar A/E 1:72
Hasegawa 802 Jaguar GR1A/A 1:72 XX732, A102
Hasegawa 803 Jaguar T2/E 1:72 XX139, E29
Hasegawa SP54 Jaguar GR1A 1:72 XX733,XZ119,356
Hasegawa 00076 Jaguar GR1A 1:72 XX116 Black Cat
Hasegawa Dt110 Jaguar A 1:72 11-YK 3/7 1989
Hobbycraft HC1308 Jaguar GR1A/A 1:72 ex Hasegawa
Hobbycraft HCF1339 Jaguar GR1A 1:72 Desert Storm
Hobbycraft HC1307 Jaguar T2/E 1:72 ex Hasegawa
Italeri IT0067 Jaguar GR1 1:72 XZ359,XZ107,XZ364
Italeri IT0078 Jaguar A 1:72
Matchbox PK107 Jaguar T2 1:72 XX915 ETPS, Oman 203
Matchbox 40107 Jaguar T2 1:72
Matchbox PK102 Jaguar GR1 1:72 XX116,XX108
Revell 4351 Jaguar GR1 1:72 XZ367 Debbie, XZ108
Heller Jaguar A/B/E 1:72 XX138 B
Heller 80327 Jaguar A 1:72 A104 desert
Tamiya Jaguar GR1 1:72 Sadman, 41sq (reboxed Italeri)
Heller-Humbrol 80263 Jaguar A/B/E 1:72
Humbrol Jaguar A/B/E 1:72

4 comments to Model 1:72

  • Jonathan Mock

    I’m told the current 1/72 Heller Jaguar A is in fact the Airfix GR.1 kit with a modified fuselage tooling – has anyone got the current Heller kit?

  • The Kitech, IDEA and Hobbycraft kits are not ex-Hasegawa, but are very poor quality pirate copies of the Hasegawa kits. Many corners have been cut e.g. fuselage detail mirrored from one side to another in a manner that means both sides are wrong, parts that no longer fit, poor quality decals etc. Well worth avoiding. All 1/72 Jags have faults but the Hasegawa is the best of the bunch by far, and Matchbox the worst.

  • Jaguar

    Damien I agree with everything you wrote.
    We are waiting for good Jaguar kit…..


  • Jaguar

    new Hasegawa HA00970 kit

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