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Jaguar XX730 Krakow
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Andy Ward (Wardy or Fingers)
30. 07. 2007, 13:13:35


I have worked on the Jaguar for the past 7 years at colt and conz with 54(f) and 6 Sqn, I’ve seen the sad demise of the Jaguar over the past couple of years, been to many places with them and flew one what an a/c but went out with a bag though. Keep up the good work I’m quite regular to the site now I’ve found it.

Paul Crawley

29. 11. 2006, 13:29:06


I am a great Jaguar fan (hense my email address) spent many good days up at Colitshall shooting pictures on and off the base, I was on the base the day the “Desert Cats” came home after the first Gulf war.

Keep up the good work.


CP Aviation Photography

11. 07. 2006, 14:17:31


Very interesting site, I served at Colt from 82-96, set up the ECM Bay in ’86 to service the 101(V)-10 Pod and at some point worked on all the Sqdns, although mainly 41. Very sad to see the demise of the Jag and the closure of Coltishall had some wonderful times there….they call it progress, apparently !

Rgds, Martyn

9. 05. 2006, 17:11:52

Hi Radek,
served on Jaguars for several years, at Coltishall, Scotland and Germany. Now live close to Coltishall, A sad day when flying from Coltishall ended. The end of flying for the Jaguar fast approaches, lets hope your site remains for many years to come to remind people of this truly magic aircraft.Even after thirty odd years your eyes have to look to the sky whenever one fly’s over.
regards dave

Jay “JAEDRA” Spohn
29. 03. 2006, 07:11:11

Hello Radek,
Big Jag fan from the States. I fly the A-10 at Nellis AFB and recently saw the Jag out here for several weeks during Red Flag. I was sad to no longer see them on the ramp. I’ll miss it. Great site, by the way.

12. 01. 2006, 08:03:28

Hi, I am from India and i consider the jaguar to be the most beautiful aircraft in the world. Your site is excellent, keep up the good work. I would also be grateful if you can tell me if there is any place in India where i can get the scale models of the jag. thank you


nick ‘Cocker’ Cox
13. 11. 2005, 18:06:42

Hi Radek,

Great web site with some great pics on. Im a great fan of the Jag and will miss it dearly. I only live a short distance from Colt and have spent many a pleasant time taking many pics myself (you may have seen some on Warplane). Keep up the great work on this site and thank you.


27. 10. 2005, 08:34:50

Hello Radek,

I’m a Belgian fan of the JAGUAR and I’m a plastic modeller too. I’m only interested by the Sepecat JAGUAR model kits (in RAF or French AF service)

Your site is “The” great source of documentation for me and I thank you to update it so seriously

I wish you a very good continuation,

LEROY “LeeRocker” André

7. 07. 2005, 22:45:08

Hi, very nice site about a beautiful aircraft. I think the Jaguar was one of the most elegant aircraft ever built.

Thanks for the dedication.

Julian Cobbold
17. 06. 2005, 13:54:49

I am a huge jaguar fan and used to watch them at RAF Coltishall as i used to live there. I shall miss them very much when they all finally leave. Thanks for some fantastic pics on your website.

Chris Gilligan
26. 05. 2005, 10:59:50

Brilliant website, very informative. I shall miss the Jaguar dearly when it has gone.

Stuart Thurtle
23. 05. 2005, 23:02:38

Great stuff nice site love the Jag and will miss em when they are gone

26. 02. 2005, 15:10:14

Great site and some good pics of the great cat.

Tom Roberts
21. 09. 2004, 11:34:47

Great site. I learned a lot about the Sepecat Jaguar.

I wanted some background before putting up for auction a model of the aircraft on ebay.
It’ll be there for a week or so. Take a look at:

I apologize if this post seems tacky. But I would rather have a Sepecat Jaguar fan have the model than some buyer/seller who is only out to make a profit on it.

Best Regards,

1. 06. 2004, 16:06:29

WOW. Great website! Enjoyed my landing.

Clermont Romain
3. 03. 2004, 19:26:50

Congratulation for your website…it became one of mine favorite!The quality and the details of your website are a model for all other aviation website!God save the “jag” in england (because in France, my country,jaguars are ready to leave Armée de l’air.)!

David Webb
24. 01. 2004, 16:54:33

Nice pictures. Some of the older squadrons (eg 31) would be good. I flew it from 1978 to 1985 and was for a year the 38 Group Jaguar demonstration pilot for the RAF. Keep up the good work.

Robert McDaniel
30. 10. 2003, 20:23:55

This site ROCKS! Great Job.
Now we need a 1/32 Jaguar!

Terry B
28. 10. 2003, 14:17:05

Hi.. Absolutely superb site for the Jaguar enthusiast ( I am one!).
Keeps up the good work!
Page is definately book marked!!!
Regards.. Terry, Newmarket, Suffolk, UK.

Fede Loray
25. 10. 2003, 00:10:07

hello!!!!!!!!, i’m fede from Argentina, i’m writting to congratulate you, this site is the best. i love the sepecat jaguar, and this, it is necessary to explain, is the place where i can find the info. a really want.
Hope you’ll write me,
federico loray

Rob England
23. 09. 2003, 15:33:16


Nice site.
I flew Jags 84-89 6sqn + 41 sqn.

regards to all


Edgar Brooks
19. 08. 2003, 23:38:10

Have detail photos of u/c, wheel wells, air brakes, cockpit (all round inc. rear bulkhead and with/without seat) Let me know if you think they could be useful.
Edgar Brooks

Dezso Attila
31. 07. 2003, 23:18:59


I need more photos XZ377 jag, deserts strom colors.Anybody help me?Thanks!

Virgilio Aray
27. 06. 2003, 01:06:09

Great site

I want to know about the Jaguar because mi country AF use it.

it’s the time for Jaguar farewell?

Greetings from Ecuador.

‘Brad’ Badgery
6. 06. 2003, 22:51:41

A good site to visit with some excellent photos and links.
Brings back the memories when I was the Airframe Trade Manager on 41(F) Sqn in the nineties.

Hernan Grijalva
11. 05. 2003, 07:14:05

I´m from Equador.. and my passion it´s The multi-rol jets.. : Atack & Fighther aircraft .. Sepecat JAguar is one of that old warriors..
I would like building the jaguar 2 seats “scale 1/48”.. Where and which manufacturers match with this project..? may you help me please..

Excelente WebSite

Thanks guys and… Congratulations ..!

dj Padák
18. 04. 2003, 12:55:44

Zdravím kolegu, zrovna jsem četl mail a vidím, ľe jste na mě opět “narazil”. �?eknu Vám, ľe tahle grafika je skvělá … jeątě to tak být bez těch tabulek a bude to … 101% cool. Přeju hodně úspěchů.

16. 02. 2003, 00:57:19

A very fascinating collection of Jaguar artifacts. Having flown the Jaguar for close to 9 years I truly beleive it to be the pilots aircraft and it`s very good to see people out there who share my own wisdom.

Thank you for this wonderful site and useful links.

15. 11. 2002, 22:52:51

excellent site,very informative.needed reference pictures which i found on your site
when models finished will send pics.

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  • NickySS

    Nice info, big thx.

  • hia guy,s n gal,s mMERRY CHRISTMAS , to you all.
    love the website, a much needed tribute, to to kite,s and the guys. we need all the help we can get to getting some jags , to the “coldwarjets”[website] at bruntingthorpe, nr liecster.lets do this . see them in a working museum, tsking there riteful “taff” kitely on 07785363692. for more info. cheers all . taff k.

  • jock ross

    great web site for jags. worked on the kites for 7 years ,sad to see their demise. love to see a few retained for flying if poss at Brutingthorpe air museum.
    see taff kitley,s post for info.

  • Glyn Ingram

    Great site, nice to see the Jaguar has it’s enthusiasts.

    I had the great priveledge to work at BAC Warton in Flight Test as a Computer Operator on the Jaguar flight test program from 1975 until the end of testing.
    For any computer buffs out there the machines used to analyse all the flight test data were 2 Honeywell DDP516 computers, one had 16k of memory the other had 8k (yes Kilo not Meg or Gig).
    Attached to these were five 1/4″ tape drives, an ASR/KSR 33 Teletype each, and six 16 channel pen recorders which had previously been used on the TSR2 project, before that i was told they started life in Blackpool Victoria Hospital in the cardiac unit.
    2 Single platter hard disk drives (100k per cartridge) provided the main program storage, all this was programmed by paper tape.

    They were very happy days for me with my colleagues in the Jaguar computer ops team, Mike Highton and Dave Leeming.

    Sad to see the last of the Jags retired, but all good things come to an end and the memories will last a lifetime.

  • Joey45

    His. I am a massive fan of the Jagaur ever since the first gaulf war. I am currently trying to make this fine, fine plane into a 3d model but I can not find any good quality blueprints of her…

  • Philip

    Pilot P of Indian Air Force Strike Squadron no. 27 loves his SEPECAT.

    Cheers !

  • Attila Gyula Berey

    How can I get a password for this site?

  • Ron McCubbin

    Hi All,

    I started my RAF career as a “Liney” working on Jags at Lossiemouth on 1 line 226 OCU, then 2(AC)Sqd, RAF Laarbruch Germany, 54 Sqd RAF Coltishall and then back up to 226 OCU at Lossiemouth and came out the RAF in 1990. Three days after I got out the RAF I was on my way to Thumrait with Airworks to work on the Sultanate of Oman Air Force Jaguars.

    It such a pity that a totally idiotic governmental decision cut the life span of these wonderful aircraft. It may of looked cumbersome on the ground but it was a sight to behold when it was in the air. No flying rules or regulations in Oman so the pilots used to do the lowest of ‘beat-up’s’ that they could. One of the H.A.S’s at Thumrait had Jag main wheel tyre marks on the roof.

    Brillaint site, keep up the good work and hopefully in the not to distant future the mighty Jag will get airbourne once again.


    Ron McCubbin

  • Have a look at :-

  • Or even at this :-

  • Lots of Jaguar shots on my flickr site too :-

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