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Jaguar XX730 Krakow
343 photos


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  • David Robinson

    What’s britain and France going to do with their fleets of this fine aircraft? Will they be availiable on the civilian market so that people can keep it flying?

  • hi dave,
    well there are a good few of us trying to get and work a small fleet of jag,s to showand work them, as per operations. contact me and i can spk more to you on it?

  • Chris


    I am still in the RAF and work at RAF Cosford where the last cats lie in a hangar they are still ground run every 28 days I have 5 GR3a in the hangar one is xz119 and 2 T-birds. If you ever need any help on anything I may be able to help as I worked on 41 sqn for ten years and still try to maintain my trade knowledge.

    regards Chris

  • Eddie

    I worked on XX733 whilst in the RAF as Propulsion Mechanic. Was on 3 Sqn Major Servicing Team (JMF) at St Athan from 93-97 until I got my fitters course. I have photo’s on the insides of the “N Tanks” and the hangar engine bay with about 6 Adour’s lined up in storage frames.

  • runo792

    Does anyone knows about a version called Jaguarr CCV. I saw once on a german magazin a photo of this version, which had almost a delta wing like by F16XL…

  • Simmons Gobal Services

    Hi, I was doing some research for a particular defence ministry and they are interseted in in any left over flyable overhaulable aircraft for their Country. I would like to inquire to any prosective parties that can direct me in the right dirction as to how many aiframes in the 3GRA versions either single or two seater can be purchased? Enough possibly to makeup an Sqaudron? Static airframes less engines are acceptable, also! Just as long as there are the necesarry spare parts to get it back to airworty condition.


  • Paul Mogie

    Andy Ward (armourer ex XI Sqn) can you contact me???

  • Hi I was lucky enough to get a back seat ride in a Jag at RAF Cranwell this year thanks to a fab guy called Cpl Pete Dodd. I have some pictures of my experience if there is any room for posting? Steve

  • steve

    Dear friends, i am searching for canopy clear part for my airfix jaguar 1/48. Where can i find this canopy clear part? Regards

  • Matt W

    Help required with restoration of T2 Jag to as operational condition as can be acheived, futhur details will become apparent in the next month or so

  • Matt W

    As covered in other forum, actively seaking volunteers and leads to enable XX145 to be rebuilt into a “runner” to prove it can be done, i know theres a few ex jag people out there with bits tucked away. Time for the jag fags to get their tool boxes open again

  • Dave Brown

    Hi Gents,
    I wonder if I could ask for a little info from you ex-Jag fellas? Would any of you know if XZ104 had the ALE/40 chaff/flare dispensers fitted when it was painted as the 2sqn commemorative bird back in 1988? If not, when did these dispensers come into service? I
    realise it’s a while ago, but any help would be much appreciated.


  • Jaguar

    Hello Dave,
    I think that ALA/40 was present…
    Jaguar XZ104


  • Dave Brown

    Thanks very much Radek, appreciate that. Just one more question, is anyone aware if XZ104 was painted in wrap around camo at the time or
    was it still grey undersides??


  • Jaguar

    I have seen all Jaguar 2sqn XZ104 photos with wrap around camo only.

  • Dave Brown

    Once again Radek, thank you for the information.

  • Dave Brown

    Once more I have another question for the officianados. XZ104 has a white triangle on the nosewheel door containing the aircraft’s code
    letter. I cannot make out what that letter is – any ideas anybody??

  • Jaguar

    There was a number 24


  • Dave Brown

    Thanks Radek, thought it would be the same as inside the airbrakes
    but I just wanted confirmation.

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