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Jaguar XX730 Krakow
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Combat Decals COM72005 1:72 XX765 ACT
Kitsworld KW172042 1:72 Operation Granby
Kitsworld KW172043 1:72 No 6, 14, 31, 41, 54 Sq
Xtradecal X72127 1:72 6sq history
Model Alliance MA72130 1:72 XX150
Model Alliance ML72122 1:72 RAF JaguarsĀ Review
Model Alliance MAS729017 1:72 Ann.scheme 41sq,6sq
Model Alliance MAS729016 1:72 Ann.scheme 54sq,16sq
Travers 72-054 1:72 RAF, FAF
Aztec AZD7204 1:72 Ecuadorian AF
Almark Decals S10 1:72 Gulf, XZ118,XZ119
Carpena CA72024 1:72 Jaguar A
Modeldecal MD043 1:72 Jaguar GR1,20,41sq
Modeldecal MD046 1:72 Jaguar GR, 226OCU
Modeldecal MD050 1:72 Jaguar GR, 31sq
Modeldecal MD075 1:72 Jaguar GR1
Modeldecal MD098 1:72 XZ104/24 2.sq
Modeldecal MD109 1:72 XX733,XZ367,356
Modeldecal MD110 1:72 XX965,766
Modeldecal MD115 1:72 XX965
Hi Decal HD72003 1:72 Jaguar A, Gulf, Chad
Hi Decal HD72004 1:72 Gulf,Germany Winter 1980
Xtradecal X01872 1:72 XX766
Xtradecal X02472 1:72 Gulf
Xtradecal X02672 1:72 XX829,842 XZ398,112,371
Xtradecal X04272 1:72 XX116
Xtradecal X04972 1:72 XZ391
Xtradecal X05072 1:72 XZ364, 60ann
MikeGrantDecals 1:72 IAF JM252,J9104 NAF703,705
Model Alliance MA72117 1:72 All 12 Jaguars from Gulf
Xtradecal X02748 1:48 XX116
Xtradecal X02048 1:48 XX829,842 XZ398,112,371
Xtradecal X01248 1:48 XZ398,364 XX729,733
Aztec AZD4804 1:48 Ecuadorian AF
Carpena CA48001 1:48 Jaguar A,Chad 1983-86
Carpena CA48030 1:48 Jaguar A123,desert
Carpena CA48039 1:48 Jaguar A11,desert
MikeGrantDecals 1:48 IAF JM252,J9104 NAF703,705
Model Alliance ML482122 1:48 RAF Jaguars
Model Alliance MAS489017 1:48 Ann.scheme 41sq,6sq
Model Alliance MAS489016 1:48 Ann.scheme 54sq,16sq
Model Alliance MAS489016 1:48 XX150
Xtradecal X48090 1:48 6sq history
Kitsworld KW148052 1:48 XX734,XX963,XZ392
Kitsworld KW148050 1:48 Operation Granby
Kitsworld KW148051 1:48 Operation Granby
Kitsworld KW132022 1:32 Operation Granby
Kitsworld KW132025 1:32 Operation Granby
Kitsworld KW132021 1:32 6,14,31,41,54sq badge

4 comments to Decals

  • Gerry Davis

    Im trying to acquire a set of decals for a 1/48 scale RAF Display Jaguar 16 Squadron The Saint. I would be grateful if you could let me know if these are available please

  • Jaguar

    Hello, it is problem now because Xtradecal X02748 is out of stock. Try check Ebay or some modeller forums.


  • Rob Lippett

    Looking for MAS489017 41and6sqn decals can you supply.

  • Jaguar

    Hello, it is a problem now because Model Alliance MAS489017 is out of stock. Try check Ebay or some modeller forums.


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