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Jaguar XX730 Krakow
343 photos

Sepecat Jaguar in 1:12 by Timmy’s Tech

Fantastic big Jaguar model project.


A Phantom shot down Jaguar

May 25, 1982

Phantom F-4M 92sq XV422 O flown by Roy Lawrence with navigator Alistair Inverarity
shot down
Jaguar 14sq XX963 AL flown by Steve Griggs
by Sidewinder AIM-9G
Where? – 35 miles north-east of Bruggen, Germany
Pilot ejected safely.

Phantom was named ‘JAG KILLER’ and a Kill marking of a Jaguar was on the port intake.

Phantom photos Jag Killer photos taken by Todd Pomerleau

Jaguar photo


Phantom 92sqn XV422 T
Date: ?

xv422-01 xv422-02


AirDOC 48-07 decals
Phantom 19sqn XV422 J “Jaguar Killer” Decimommanu Sardinia, 1987

Photos by Peter Foster

Sepecat Jaguar GR.1 XX963 AL 14 Sqn 25-03-82

Sepecat Jaguar GR.1 XX963 AL 14 Sqn 25-03-82


India to arm Jaguar with ASRAAM missile

India has agreed to pay £250 million to arm its Jaguar fleet with MBDA’s Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM).
The ASRAAM, which beat the Rafael Python-5 to the contract, will be mounted on the Jaguar Overwing Missile Launcher pylon.
Only Jaguars upgraded to the DARIN II level will get the new weapon.

Jaguar ASRAAM defexpo2012
DefExpo 2012 DefExpo 2012
Jaguar QinetiQ XZ117 ES Jaguar QinetiQ XZ117 ES

Test firings took place with the UK Royal Air Force in 2011 and the Indian Ministry of Defence chose ASRAAM as the L1, or preferred, option in late 2012.
Fit checks for ASRAAM were carried out on a UK RAF Jaguar at Boscombe Down in 2012.


Jaguar Polo shirt


Operation Vulcan

2 Jaguars provided laser designation for Harriers GR7 in Bosnia

On 29 August 1995 Jaguar XX725 GU was flown to Gioia del Colle by Squadron Leader Alex Muskett
On 30 August 1995 Jaguar XX962 EK was flown to Gioia del Colle by Flight Lieutenant Simon Blake

They went into action on 30 August 1995, 2 Jaguars providing laser designation for LGB carrying
Harriers GR7 (4 Harriers each armed with 2 x 1000lb Paveway II).

25 operational TIALD (Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator) sorties. They dropped 48 Paveway II LGBs during Operation Vulcan

41 Paveway II – direct hits
04 Paveway II – falling within 20 ft of their target
03 Paveway II – missed their targets due to system or weapons failure

Jaguar XX725 GU was wearing 7 mission symbols (white lightnings) beneath the cockpit on the port side
Jaguar XX962 EK was wearing 5 mission symbols (white lightnings) beneath the cockpit on the port side

photo photo photo
Jaguar XX725 GU
©Keith Blincow
Jaguar XX725 GU
©Keith Blincow
Jaguar XX725 GU
©David Humphreys
photo photo
Jaguar XX725 GU
©David Humphreys
Jaguar XX962 EK
©David Humphreys
Jaguar XX962 EK
RAF Coltishall October, 1995

International Air Power Review Volume 17
SEPECAT Jaguar by Martrin W. Bowman
SEPECAT Jaguar by Andy Evans