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Jaguar XX730 Krakow
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White Jaguar 41sq XZ115 FC March 1990

Update 2018-03-13
More photos at at Facebook group SEPECAT Jaguar Appreciation Society by Colin Collins

Rare photo. I have never seen it before. White Jaguar 41sq XZ115 FC September March 1990 *

This white jaguar was seen during a visit to 6 Squadron. It has no squadron markings and was believed to be on 41 Sqn prior to a deployment to Norway for a winter exercise

* according to Martin W. Bowman’s book – SEPECAT Jaguar Tactical Support & Maritime Strike Fighter (page 205)

Does anybody have more info about this Jag?

Photo and text by Tony Morgan


Jaguar 41sq XZ115 FC September 1990

©Russ Smith
April 20, 1990

Jaguar Oman special camo

Interesting photo published at Facebook group SEPECAT Jaguar Appreciation Society  by David Hames

Jaguar Red Flag photos by Keith Svendsen

Red Flag 81-2
Red Flag 81-2

Red Flag 83-2
Red Flag 83-2

Red Flag 84-2
Red Flag 84-2

Red Flag 85-2
Red Flag 85-2

Jaguar 41sq XX833 Z Atlantic pod

Jaguar T2 41sqn XX833 Z circa 1984
RAE Farnborough

Jaguar XX833 Z
atlantic pod


Jaguar XZ396 at the Pima Air & Space Museum

Pima Air & Space Museum, March 12, 2015

Photo taken by Andrew Boehly

pima1 pima2
pima3 pima4