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Jaguar squadron exchange with JaboG 32

Jaguar 17sq XZ371 BP 1979
17+32 – marked for a squadron exchange with JaboG 32

info from http://www.i-f-s.nl/squadron-exchanges-1979/ – August 1979

“This month there was a squadron exchange between the German Air Force JBG32 based at Lechfeld, flying the F-104G and the Royal Air Force 17 Squadron flying the Sepecat Jaguar GR.1 aircraft from Bruggen, Germany. It is unknown if it was a 1 or a 2 way exchange but most probably one-way, only Jaguar aircraft to Lechfeld.”

Hans-Juergen Breuer: I can confirm the Exchange with No 17 and JBG-32 Lechfeld. It was a one Way Exchange! The Exchange took place 30.07-08.08.1979. Bruggen sent the following Jaguars to Lechfeld. XX768/BA,821/BF,840/BZ,823/BG with XZ376/BE,371/BP. The Jaguar with the special Scheme 17+32 was real and returned to Bruggen on 6.08 – Saw it land only that Day.What a Scheme….but it only lasted for that Flight.Next Time I saw it – was back in normal Paint.!

Jaguar 17sq XZ371 17+32 BP 1979 drawing1
xz371-1 xz371-2
XtraDecal 72026

Jaguar squadron exchange

Update 26.1.2019

First real photo published on Facebook. Thanks to Joe Warner Cherrie


Update 16.2.2019

Stephen Goodison Remember this well, and I am sure the markings were on both sides


Aires accessories

 1:48 4619 Jaguar GR.1 cockpit set

1:48 4606 Jaguar speed brakes


Flihtpath accessories


AN/ALQ-101 ECM Pod FP-48-061e 1:48

CBLS-100 FP-48-080a 1:48
CBLS-100 FP-32-007a 1:32

CBU-87 Cluster Bomb Set FP-48120b 1:48

RAF 1,000Ib Bomb Set FP-72-080a 1:72
RAF 1,000lb Iron Bombs FP-48-080e 1:48
RAF 1,000lb Iron Bombs FP-32-007b 1:32

RAF 1,000lb Paveway II FP-32-007c 1:32
RAF 1,000lb Paveway II FP-48-080f 1:48

Jaguar GR.1A/GR.1B Detail Set FP-72-057 1:72

Jaguar Fuel Tanks & Pods FP-48-066 1:48

Jaguar GR1/A/B Ladder FP-72-060k 1:72

TIALD Pod FP-48-080g 1:48
TIALD Pod FP-32-007d 1:32

Accessories CBU-87 by Eduard

Brassin – resin & photo-etched accessories

1/72, 1/48, 1/32


Jaguar 1/32 coming soon from Kitty Hawk

Jaguar 1/32 coming soon from Kitty Hawk

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