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Jaguar XX730 Krakow
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White Jaguar 41sq XZ115 FC March 1990

Update 2018-03-13
More photos at at Facebook group SEPECAT Jaguar Appreciation Society by Colin Collins

Rare photo. I have never seen it before. White Jaguar 41sq XZ115 FC September March 1990 *

This white jaguar was seen during a visit to 6 Squadron. It has no squadron markings and was believed to be on 41 Sqn prior to a deployment to Norway for a winter exercise

* according to Martin W. Bowman’s book – SEPECAT Jaguar Tactical Support & Maritime Strike Fighter (page 205)

Does anybody have more info about this Jag?

Photo and text by Tony Morgan


Jaguar 41sq XZ115 FC September 1990

©Russ Smith
April 20, 1990

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