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India to arm Jaguar with ASRAAM missile

India has agreed to pay £250 million to arm its Jaguar fleet with MBDA’s Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM).
The ASRAAM, which beat the Rafael Python-5 to the contract, will be mounted on the Jaguar Overwing Missile Launcher pylon.
Only Jaguars upgraded to the DARIN II level will get the new weapon.

Jaguar ASRAAM defexpo2012
DefExpo 2012 DefExpo 2012
Jaguar QinetiQ XZ117 ES Jaguar QinetiQ XZ117 ES

Test firings took place with the UK Royal Air Force in 2011 and the Indian Ministry of Defence chose ASRAAM as the L1, or preferred, option in late 2012.
Fit checks for ASRAAM were carried out on a UK RAF Jaguar at Boscombe Down in 2012.


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