Jaguar XX730 Krakow
343 photos

1:48 Flightpath

Jaguar photo
RAF Jaguar Fuel Tanks & Pods
fuel tanks in injection resin, over-wing AIM-9L rails,
two AIM-9L missiles & and ACME Pod,
AN/ALQ-101 pod
AIM-9L/M/R/S Sidewinder Missile Set


1.RAF Jaguar GR.1A/GR.1B Detail & Weapons Set(1/72nd Post War RAF/RN)
2.RAF Oxygen/Nitrogen Trolley Set(1/72nd Post War RAF/RN)
3.RAF 25kVA ‘Houchin’ Ground Power Unit(1/72nd Post War RAF/RN)
4.RAF Jaguar Fuel Tanks & Pods(1/48th Post War RAF/RN)
5.RAF CBLS-100 Carriers & Practice Bombs(1/48th Post War RAF/RN)
6.CBU-87 Cluster Bomb Set(1/48th Post War RAF/RN)
7.RAF 1,000lb Iron Bombs(1/48th Post War RAF/RN)
8.RAF 1,000lb/CPU-123b Laser-Guided Bombs(1/48th Post War RAF/RN)
9.RAF TIALD [Thermal Imaging and Laser Designation] Pod(1/48th Post War RAF/RN)
10.25kVA “Houchin” Ground Power Unit(1/48th Post War RAF/RN)
11.RAF Oxygen/Nitrogen Trolley(1/48th Post War RAF/RN)
12.25kVA Ground Power Unit(1/32nd Post War RAF)
13.RAF 1,000lb Iron Bombs(1/32nd Post War RAF)
14.RAF 1,000lb/CPU-123B Laser-Guided Bombs(1/32nd Post War RAF)
15.RAF TIALD (Thermal Imaging and Laser Designation) Pod(1/32nd Post War RAF)
16.Armee de l’Aire Jaguar – 2 ladders(1/72nd USAF, US Navy, NATO and Russian Access Ladders)
17.CBLS-100 Carriers & Practice Bombs(1/32nd Post War RAF)
18.AIM-9 Acquisition Rounds
19.AIM-9L Sidewinder Missile Set


1 comment to 1:48 Flightpath

  • Robin Allaston

    Does anyone have a picture or any details of a GR Mk 1 Jaguar with a WE177 round on the centreline pylon? It had a ‘standard’ centreline pylon with a smaller, ‘adaptor’ pylon beneath the main pylon and the one that held the WE177 round. The WE177 came with the ‘adaptor’ pre-fitted upon delivery to the aircraft to which it was to be loaded. The major participants were the RAFG squadrons at RAF Bruggen (Nos 14, 17, 20, 31) and I particularly seek details of Nos 20 and 31 Squadrons. Many thanks, in anticipation, Robin

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