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Jaguar XX730 Krakow
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Jaguar 41sq XZ363 Z with JaboG32 badge

Jaguar 41sq XZ363 Z with JaboG32 badge and German flag

Jaguar 41sq XZ363 Z german_zap

According to a page
it was happened July 25, 1978

“This month a squadron exchange took place between the German Air Force JBG32, based at Lechfeld AB, flying the F-104G and a Royal Air Force squadron based at Coltishall flying the Jaguar. It is unknown if it was a 1 or 2 way rotation but at least the Germans flew to the UK with aircraft 26+31 and three others. All four Starfighters departed again on 25 July 1978.
A published air-air photo showed a Jaguar flying formation with 24+97 and 21+86 but it is unclear if they flew over the UK or Germany, but looking at the ground it looks like Germany.”

Jaguar 41sq XZ363 Z german

Does anybody know more info?

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