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Jaguar XX730 Krakow
343 photos

Aircraft Illustrated magazine

Jaguar articles in Aircraft Illustrated magazine

Aircraft Illustrated magazine is one of sponsors of spotty Jaguar XX119 AI

Jaguar photo Jaguar photo
Aircraft Illustrated – July 2007 Aircraft Illustrated – August 2007

Aircraft Illustrated – July 2007

pg 52-57 – Jaguar Tribute by Mike Rondot
pg 58-63 – Jaguar’s last stand by Sqn Ldr Dheeraj Bhasin
pg 64-69 – Jaguar hunting by Jon Lake
Pull-out double poster – artworks by Squadron Prints

Jaguar 2sq XZ361 25
Jaguar XX748 U
Jaguar 16sq XX117 PA
Jaguar 54sq XZ112 GA
Jaguar 41sq XZ103 FP
Jaguar 6sq XX112 EA

Aircraft Illustrated – August 2007

pg 39-48 – air-to-air photos by Jamie Hunter
pg 39-43 – The Jaguar Spirit by Wg Cdr John Sullivan
pg 44-49 – How the Jaguar got its spots by Sgt Allen Vernon
pg 76-77 – Special selection of Jag merchandise….
Pull-out Jaguar poster – Jaguar XX119 AI in flight

Thanks to Stuart Thurtle for these magazines

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