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Jaguar XX730 Krakow
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Jaguar XZ367 for sale

James Everett from has sent me photos of XZ367.

XZ367 – during First Gulf War known as “Debbie” (“White Rose” later)

photo photo
photo photo

5 comments to Jaguar XZ367 for sale

  • Greetings

    We have been mandated by our partners to help sell of decommissioned Jaguar Jets belonging to the Tactical Air Command of the Nigeria Airforce, Makurdi – Benue State, NIGERIA!

    Kindly advise on how best to reach potential buyers and how we can work with your good selves.


    Shima ADUM

  • George Bhatti

    Do you still have these Jaguar aircraft for sale ? If not who purchased these ?



  • Jaguar

    Please contact Mr.James Everett

  • jorge quant

    tienen fotos del sepecat de OMAN O SOLO LE AGREGARON UN ESCUDO EN EL TIMON DE COLA

  • tom

    This is probably old info to some. But I was surprised to see xz367 back in raf hands at cosford yesterday. Being used for marshaling training. Complete with engines and gp code on the nose wheel door. The code it actually was at the time it was taken out of service then used as a weapons trainer at coltishall. This airframe was the last jag to depart colt albeit by road in 2006. Can anyone shed some light?

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